CJ Fallon eReader

CJ Fallon iPad & Android eReader

Our challenge – to develop the CJ Fallon iPad & Android eReader.
Our client presented a requirement for an cross-platform eReader app that would support the distribution of their entire back catalogue of eBooks on iPad and Android tablets . This needed to be achieved across as many devices as possible e.g. Tablet and Desktop.

There has also been an increasing number of students across the country accessing content on their iPads and Tablets. It therefore showed that there was a growing demand for an eBook solution.


Our solution was simple. Deliver a platform that supported the rich content of our client in the easiest and most straightforward manner possible. To support the delivery of their back catalogue of eBooks we built a system from the ground up. It had the ability to manage the distribution and licensing of school books to the end user.

We designed an iPad, Android and Web App with the cleanest and simplest interface that made the content shine. Resulting in making the user experience simple and intuitive.

Our eReader App also supports the distribution of Multimedia content along with each eBook like Audio, Video, Images and Web Links that bring the eBook to the next level of engagement for the student.

The last and most successful achievement of our App is to provide a simple note taking tool that has every note backed up securely in the cloud.  This ensures that your notes are never lost and can be accessed on any device. Students can easily email all their notes at the end of term for revision of key points.


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