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Custom course and eLearning Development is the expertise of our client’s (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) business. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt engaged Radii to develop a product line they would be offering to students in High Schools throughout the US.

The challenge was to develop a module or lesson that would support students in solving challenging scientific problems. This related to disciplines of Chemistry and Physics at High School Science level.

The aim was to support the student with targeted feedback at every level. Therefore students engaging with the product on a “one to one” level had the same support as if they had a teacher working through the problem with them in the classroom.


Our solution – working with experienced Learning Designers and Subject matter experts. This enabled us to develop and delivered an e-learning tool that we called “Solution Tutor”.

The solution was to separate each problem from both disciplines into 5 key steps. An aspect students would normally do to some degree while solving this through a paper-based approach. This included Analyze, Plan, Solve, Check Your Work and Wrap Up.

Each step made use of a few known approaches to solving e-learning problems like Multiple Choice Questions, Drag and Drops, Input Text boxes and Drop Down lists. Every option or choice had targeted correct or incorrect feedback. The student could also make use of a Hints panel and a separate Tools section. This provided supplementary or additional content like a Periodic Table.

The design and interface was clean and clear. It also made references back to paper based solutions like “Sticky Notes” or diagrams from the book to help solve the problem.

We developed a huge range of tools throughout the project in a template approach. This allowed our client to build each lesson to suit their subject content needs.

We engaged and worked with our client in ensuring the delivery was to the highest standard. Ensuring to meet the classroom based scenarios and used every day by students.


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