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CJ Fallon, one of Ireland’s longest established and most respected educational publishers, has been leading the way in Primary and Post Primary educational publishing since 1927. They provide teachers with high quality print and digital resources to schools throughout Ireland. CJ Fallon believe in providing teachers and students with learning resources and tools which help them reach their learning potential in an engaging, enjoyable and fun approach to learning. Radii are a long time partner of CJ Fallon and provide eLearning development services building digital content to accompany traditional printed learning programs.


The client requirement was to create a digital resource to support a new handwriting series for Primary Schools, ‘Go with the Flow.’ The series introduces Junior Infant students to cursive handwriting, focusing on developing the motor skills required for letter formation rather than the traditional approach which starts by teaching individual letter formation. In order to ensure that pupils are prepared to form these cursive letters at the end of Junior Infants, development of these pre-writing skills are crucial.


Even with our experience of designing and developing eLearning solutions, this project presented a new challenge for us. How can we marry interactive whiteboard content with developing motor skills and physical dexterity in four and five year olds? We began conducting extensive user research with teachers, learning support and special education needs teachers, parents, and children. The information gathered during this phase of the project proved invaluable to both the resulting eLearning application and the client’s understanding of how the end user would would use this resource.

The Solution

The ‘Go With The Flow’ cursive handwriting eLearning application was launched in September 2017 in conjunction with a series of handbooks. The eLearning application consists of:

  • Getting started animation
  • Pre-writing activities & demonstrations
  • Letter formation demonstrations
  • 2D & 3D letter join demonstrations
  • Printable Resources
  • Matching activities

During the research, we found that teachers were unable to have younger children complete exercises on the interactive whiteboard because they couldn’t reach high enough. We incorporated a split screen function which allows students perform actions on the bottom half of the board where they can reach and a tutorial on the top half of the screen.

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