App Development

Let Radii bring your mobile app to life. Our team of creative designers and developers have extensive experience in crafting responsive multi platform mobile applications. We offer a complete app development service which brings your idea from its infancy right through to app launch and beyond.


Big Idea


The first step is identifying your need, target market, and competition. Depending on your requirements, we will perform primary and secondary research to validate your idea and outline the best approach.


Let’s talk. Clear goals and objectives are set to unify the team, making sure everyone is on the same page and that your expectations and objectives are communicated.


We will explore a variety of possibilities. Next, concepts are refined multiple times before testing interactive prototypes with users. During this stage of the process, extensive research is carried out to ensure the product and its features are right for the end user.



Now it’s time for our developers to add life to your creation. We use the latest multi platform design tools to ensure your app reaches the app stores on time as expected.

Test & Debug

A rigorous internal testing protocol ensures no stone is left unturned. Following the internal testing, a round of user testing is carried out to identify any remaining issues. The final touches are then applied.



Our marketing team are experts at distilling your marketing message and ensuring that this message immediately sets you apart from the competition. We have extensive experience in brand strategy which has yielded powerful insights across a range of industries.


Finally it’s time to get the app out there. Our deployment process involves all the final touches needed to place the app in the iOS and Android app stores for download.


As well as ensuring your app runs smoothly, we offer monthly maintenance and analytics reports. Our development team is on hand to take care of any issues that may arise.

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