We are dedicated to making stories that entertain, inform and engage audiences of all ages. We have worked on a range of animation projects from corporate explainer videos to eLearning software along with creating short films and series. Our animation team brings the same energy and enthusiasm to the project regardless of the medium or content.


Pre Production


During the concept stage, we establish what we want to achieve with the overall project as well as the idea, tone, audience, etc. Based on this, we create concept art or mood boards that help establish the world of the characters or the language of design required for the project.


Once the concept has been agreed upon, the scripting process begins. Shot by shot and line by line we put in place an engaging narrative that will provide clear instruction for the animation process.

Character Design

At this point, we design any characters or assets that are going to be animated. In the case of motion graphics projects, this stage is about defining a consistent visual language for the piece and creating the assets required to execute the concept.


The production stage is where the project starts taking form. During production, character builds, audio recording, storyboards, animatic, music composition, layout design, and animations are all carried out. These steps all come together to form the animated content which is then sent into post production.

Character Builds

Once the characters are designed, they are rigged and made ready for animation. The complexity of this task varies depending on the projects requirements.

Audio Recording

In the case where voice overs are needed, actors are sourced and the final voice tracks are recorded in a studio.

Story Boards

With the script and designs in place, the project is storyboarded shot by shot to provide a clear guide for the animator.


Using the storyboards and the audio, a framework version of the animated piece is put together. With basic visuals and audio in place, the story starts to take shape.

Music Composition

Any required score or music is sourced and/or recorded. This may have been done at an earlier stage but ideally the composer will work off of an animatic, if not the final animation.

Layout & Background

Building on the work in the storyboards, we fully realise and render the world that the characters are going to inhabit.


The storyboards and layouts are sent to the animators and used as a guide to animate the relevant elements.

Post Production


During compositing, all of the art is brought together. Backgrounds, overlays, animation, lights, and additional effects are added to create a polished visual.

Online Edit & Grading

The imagery is paired with the audio, sound effects, and music and a final sound mix is done to make sure every aspect of the sound is crisp, audible, and at its best.


Depending on the requirement of the project, the final deliverables are exported. These files are delivered as anything ranging from avi, hosted file, or DVD, up to DCPs that would be required for theatrical screenings.

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